Monday, January 25, 2010

A Clean Sweep

Saturday was the 'Molahiettes' first competition of the year. We have been working really hard getting ready. This year we entered the dance category for the first time EVER in Molahiette history. I have been wanting to enter this category ever since I took over as coach, but there was some reluctance from some of the girls and I was nervous. If dance was my area of expertise, we better be good when we step into it, RIGHT? We also went back to the Kick category even though I told the girls we never would....(sometimes I ask myself why?) but when you got the best kicks in the state it just made sense to be in that category. We also took a Pom number and Military. We went to West Valley in Spokane. What a beautiful facility they have. We had plenty of competition. It was a very good day for the Molahiettes. We won all four categories. It was a Clean Sweep.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Step...

Quinn has headed to his first semester at BYU Provo. Seems like yesterday he was headed to his first day of Kindergarden with big sister Danielle watching over him, and coming off the bus with best buddy AJ, and big brother Jordan. We are so proud of him for being accepted into BYU. (We are so happy for the low cost of tuition.) WE are so excited for him to be in Utah Valley. He found a great apartment within walking distance of 'The Creamery' and 'The Wilkinson Center'. He is learning where the HFAC and the MARB are. When he was little I used to always say, "I wish my boys were closer in age so they could go to college together"....funny thing is--Jordan is still in college. They are living the high life together in Happy Valley, and this weekend they experienced their first BYU game together in the Marriott Center. WE are missing them around here, but couldn't be any happier for them where they are.