Monday, September 27, 2010

That would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!!

To say I had a pretty great weekend would be an understatement.....It was about family and spending time together and the only thing lacking was the rest of the family. I got to go to Spokane Friday and pick up Jordan from the airport. Friday night at the football game they honored Jordan and Reid. They were both inducted into the Hall of Fame at Moses Lake High School. Reid was inducted as a volunteer and as the driving force behind all the volunteers that built the team room. I am constantly amazed at his willingness to help whomever, whenever and grateful EVERY DAY of my life for falling in love with him 28 years ago. He joked that he was a pretty good athlete as well and I completely agree....I like to think that our boys got some of their athletic ability from me but I know it's not true....(has anyone EVER seen me do anything remotely athletic?)
They also inducted Jordan, he was and IS a great athlete. I can't tell you how much joy over the years he has brought us as we watched him excel on the field and court. He was an ALL STATE football player and a college basketball player. He still loves playing everything and he's still the first picked for every team....but the best part of the weekend is that Jordan had no one else to entertain him and he and I got to spend LOTS of time together. It was a GREAT weekend.