Friday, June 19, 2009


Tomorrow is our recital. It has been a long week, but tomorrow is the day we have all been waiting for. I love recital!!!! Sure the day is long, and stressful and brings lots of anxiety and worry, but what better way than to spend a day watching all the things you've worked on all year HAPPEN!!! If your looking for something to do tomorrow, come on over to Moses Lake High School and watch 225 girls and 20 boys show you what they've learned this year. 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. shows are already sold out, but there is plenty of seats for the 3:00 o'clock show. We'd love to have you. This year has been an adventure and can I just say I've only wanted to get off a couple of times and definetly enjoyed the ride.

Just a little 'shout out' to some very special people who have made it all happen...Peggy and Janet who have put in COUNTLESS hours. (People you have NO IDEA.....) Our wonderful teachers Miss Lori, Miss Heather, Miss Aubrey, Miss Whitney, Miss Alecia, Miss Lacey, Miss Naomi, Miss Kylie, Miss Kenzie, Miss Mattie, Miss Lindsay, Miss Lilly, Miss Ashley, Miss Katelynn, Miss Kiersten, Miss Nicole, Miss Breanna, Miss Kendall, Miss Samantha and Miss Dayna who with love and respect and much thought and caring teach these girls how to dance, but more importantly give them something they can be proud of for the rest of their lives.

Today's Generation ROCKS!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Perfect Wedding...(almost).

This weekend we drove down to Utah (again) for the marriage of Reid's nephew Chase. Chase is just a year older than our son Jordan and they served together in the same mission. Garth and Katrina rode with us and it was good conversation, good company and we made good time, with ONE stop in Boise for food and gas. Chase and Amy were getting married in the Salt Lake Temple on Saturday....

One slight problem--the flu hit on Friday. Buffy (the groom's mom) and Amy were deathly sick with the flu. Amy spent the morning of her wedding in the hospital for some IV's and shots... She still looked beautiful but you could tell she was not feeling well. It did not hit Chase until midway through the reception.

Here is the groom's family:

Buffy, Chase, Amy, Jackie, Brigham and Lincoln

Brigham is a happy, fun boy and he really liked Uncle Reid. They were so cute together.

All the Aunt's and Uncle's came....

And their wives (Thanks Jordan, I think you have a career ahead in photography if the candy machine thing doesn't work out....)

There was a little rain....

And lots of talking...

And it was so fun to get to spend a day with our son Jordan....

The not so perfect part was Saturday the flu hit with a vengenance. James, Jordan, Ann, Aunt Lorraine, Aunt Katrina, Brooke, Crystal, Uncle Garth and Uncle Reid all were hit. WE stopped at every rest stop on the way home. Jordan was headed to California for 'strictly business' and ended in Mesquite and James, Ann, Lorraine and Leon made it all the way to Boise before they had to stop. Thanks for the wedding memories....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Better Late Than Never....

I've been meaning to post about Memorial weekend, I've been wanting to post about Springfest....but it takes time and I haven't had it. But I'm just going to do it anyways, so here I sit with dishes in the sink and my bed unmade and definetly NOT showered blogging....

Springfest is one of our favorite weekends of the year. WE flew up Tyler, Danielle, Emree and Jordan and just had some family time. Jordan flew in first to Seattle and we picked him up and went to one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle-BJ's. It's new to the Southcenter Mall and is delicious. The are well known for their chopped salads and pizzas. Of course my family ordered chicken strips and fish tacos?

But the best part of BJ's is the dessert-'The Pizookie'. Trust me you must try it.

We then picked up Tyler, Danielle and Emree. We all went to the Mariner's game. No one in our family really likes baseball but we like going once or twice a year because Safeco Field is beautiful and they do have delicious kettle korn, cotton candy, fresh squeezed lemonade and garlic fries. (Even if there three times the price they should's all about the ambience)

When we got home Grandma and Kenzie had a little surprise for Emree....a new crib. I don't think she slept any better, but hopefully Tyler and Danielle did and she sure looked good when she was sleeping. Thanks Kenzie for all your help.

Of course my favorite place for Emree to sleep is still in my arms...

Friday we ALWAYS perform at the amphi-theatre. I wouldn't say they are our finest performances of the year but I would say I have learned not to sweat the small stuff and this year just enjoyed the show....

It also gives you time to walk around the carnival and EAT the carnival food.... The kids are all too big to enjoy the rides, but one day Emree will want to ride them.

Look how excited she is?

And the night finished off with the annual Lip Sync. We were just spectators again this year, but watch out-we're coming BACK! It was so fun to have so many family members there, were sure enjoyed Bo and Cassidy and Libby and her then boyfriend David, now fiance... (CONGRATULATIONS YOU TWO!!!)

Saturday is 3 on 3 basketball. Easton, Tyler and Jordan were all participating. Let's just say us Bakers are not particularly known for our good sportsmanship which made for a few tense moments, but I can't honestly say were were NOT the worst sports of the day.

Easton's team finished 2nd and Jordan and Tyler finished 4th. But by far the most fun game of the day was against all of Quinn's buddies and the winner was ALMOST decided by paper, rock, scissors.

Saturday always ends with the parade. WE had 82 mini molahiettes this year and most of them made it through the entire parade.

One draw back to having such beautiful, talented girls on my team is their busy and involved in soo many things. I am so proud of them....

But the best part of the weekend was hanging with family. Sunday we went to church, and had some family over. The intention was to play games....but there was just too many of us. We did do a little 'Lipps' and 'Scene It' and lots of visiting. And the best news of all was when Whitney and Cody stopped by to tell us their engaged. (FINALLY!)

It was hard to say goodbye....can't wait 'till next year.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday-Missionary Moments

Elder Souvai and Elder Vano

These are two young men in Quinn's last area that are now serving missions. Floyd and Esron were in one of his branches and put their mission papers in together. They received their calls on the same day and both are serving in the Suva, Fiji Mission in Vanuatu. One is on the island of Ambae, and the other on Santo. Quinn said they are a great example to the people of Tanna and will one day be great leaders in their homeland.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Did Jesus Really Live Again?

Did Jesus really live again?
Yes, when the third day came,
He wakened and he left the tomb;
He called Mary's name.

Did Jesus come to those he loved?
Yes, people touched his feet,
And of the fish and honeycomb
He did truly eat.

And there were nail prints in his hands
And a spear wound in his side.
Did Jesus really live again after he died?
Oh yes! and so shall I!

(This post dedicated to one of my drill team girls who just lose someone very close to her....)

This is one of my favorite primary songs. It gives me comfort that Jesus lives again and so will I and all those close to me that have passed on. I know that I will someday see my father again. And that knowledge gives me peace.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...

The 2nd annual Mr. Moses Lake Pageant went off without a hitch last month. It's definitely not a scholarship pageant and we are not embarrassed to say we are all about beauty and a CROWN. The Molahiette's sponsored the event for a fundraiser at the high school and it was well worth the $5 ticket price. It's a spoof on 'Beauty Pageant's' at least I thought, but the contestants seems to take the competition quite seriously. (Luckily no stage moms.....) The theme for the night was 'Sharp Dressed Men' . The captains and lieutenants were the MC's and the senior girls were the escorts.

Seven boys competed in front of 6 judges in fitness, talent, and evening wear. They were judged on their humor, poise, and stage presence. The winner is:

Tyler Platt-Mr. Moses Lake
First Runner-Up-Jordan Bishop
Second Runner-Up-Elliot Dano

Mark your calendars for next year....your not going to want to miss it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dearest Mackenzie,

Happy Birthday !!!!! I can't believe your 17 today. It seemed like just yesterday you were born. You were our first baby born in Moses Lake and I had a new doctor. I was slightly nervous and very anxious. Your due date was June 5th. Aunt Pauline and I were due on the same day. She was having a boy, and I was having a girl. The doctor induced me three days early and Christopher came 8 days late...(You know how I love to win.) Mackenzie you were a beautiful baby. You had a small perfectly shaped head, the perfect amount of hair with a little curl, and big beautiful blue eyes.

I was so excited to have another girl. Don't get me wrong, I love my boys...but there is something about a daughter. The only one more excited was your big sister Danielle. She was absolutely positive I was bringing home a life size doll. I had to fight her for a chance to hold and feed you and for a 5 year old she was pretty good.... She never grew tired of you and would hold you until I wouldn't let her anymore. Needless to say you got plenty of attention. Jordan and Quinn would stop by occasionally to make you smile and have a hug or a kiss and dad loved holding you in the night when he came in from work. You were a good sleeper and a content baby.

I loved dressing you and Danielle alike!!!!! You brought great joy to all of us even if you were a little accident prone. You broke your leg on the trampoline when you were 18 months and spent 6 long weeks in a cast. You broke it again when you were 3 (on the trampoline again....) I know, I know we should have learned our lesson.

You started dancing when you were three years old and you and I have been doing that together now for 14 years. You had long beautiful curly hair and an infectious smile and you've always made me laugh.

You are a good friend and loyal to the people you love. Your close friends are still the same as the friends you had when you were very little and that says alot about someone. You are fun to be around and the life of the party.

You love your family and they love you. You stick up for them, you defend them, you support them. You and Danielle have grown to look so much alike, but you also act and dance alike and it has been fun to watch your talent blossom over the years.. You have the same sense of humor as your brother Jordan, but you are most like your brother Quinn. You are content with yourself and you tell it like is. Right is right and wrong is wrong and you would never pretend differently to make yourself popular or liked.

You are smart, beautiful, artistic, humble, and witty. You follow the commandments and always put the Lord first. You have a strong conscious and a strong testimony. You are extremely talented and very creative. You work and are responsible. You defend me and help me in all my responsibilities and most importantly you make me laugh over and over again.

You are the reason I do what I do and I've loved (almost) every minute we spend together.

And did I mention you are a FABULOUS Tyra....(always),

I'm so proud of you, and feel very honored and blessed to by your mother.

Love you lots,


(P.S. I couldn't get the scanner to work so adorable pictures of you as a baby are coming.....)