Saturday, February 13, 2010

Life with Emree

WE have had Emree living with us the last three months. It changes things around the house but ALL of the changes are wonderful. Sure you can't leave the dishwasher open or any cupboard and don't leave a drink or food low because she can smell it and will run straight to it. The kitchen floor always has crumbs and slightly sticky and there always a little trail of stuff she has carried around....but seriously she is just the cutest and you can't help but be happy when she's around. She walks everywhere and we have loved watching her master the skill. She's generous with smiles and hugs but stingy with her kisses, unless your a large plastic baby doll almost her size. She claps when she's happy and laughs out loud. She loves oranges but will eat almost anything. She loves music and wrestling and being read to. She likes her horsey and the doggy and Yo Gabba Gabba. She'll go to almost anyone but loves her mom most. She's not so thrilled at sitting in her high chair or her car seat and doesn't like to slow down to get dressed, her diaper changed, or her face wiped. She's been a JOY to have in our house every minute of every day and we feel so blessed to be spending this time with her. (Slow down go too fast!)

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Baby's FIFTEEN!!!

Today is Easton's 15th Birthday!!! Any of you who are the baby of the family know how much you don't like being called that, but you know you just can't help it. Easton is our baby....and he always will be. He is a freshman this year and 6'4" but he is still my baby. Where did the years go?

Easton has always been the kindest, mildest, happiest kid I know. He was born with a irresistible smile and still has it. He's easy going and funny and pleasant to be around. He's a good student, friend, brother, and grandson. He's considerate and thinks of others and wants to please....and despite raising himself most of his life because all the hours I've spent at his sister's dance practice and performances or his brothers sporting events, he's very accomplished in all that he tries. He gets good grades. He is a good athlete and is well liked. He does what he knows is right. He also plays a mean set of drums on rock band....(and he keeps a VERY messy room). A kids got to have one flaw right. I look forward to retiring this year and spending lots of time at all his practices and sporting events and maybe even cleaning his room for him. Happy Birthday Easton. I love you!!