Monday, November 30, 2009

If Only.....

Every little girl needs a purse....

You can't see her but we are ALL watching Baby Einstein with her!

We have Emree (and her parents) living with us. If ONLY she could get some attention!!!! We are loving every minute with her and the girls at the studio are loving her as well. It took some adjustment but I think she actually likes us ALL! We plan to enjoy every minute we have with HER!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

We're all together again, we're here, we're here!

Before the mission:

After the mission:

Susan and Terry Pyle have been our dear friends for 19 years. Our sons AJ and Quinn are almost identical in age. There has always been a significant height difference. Its been fun to see them grow through the years. They played soccer and football and basketball together. Two weeks ago Quinn returned from his mission and this week we welcomed home AJ from his mission to Las Vegas, Nevada. In January they head to BYU Provo together. Watch out Ladies, HERE THEY COME!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I forgot.....

Quinn's's so wonderful to have your whole family home again. For just a few days it was 'Heaven on Earth'. I forgot how wonderful it is. I forgot how handsome Quinn is. I forgot the sound of his voice. I forgot how much he makes me laugh. I forgot how dry and quick his humor is. I forgot how good he is with little kids and older people. I forgot how much Kenzie and Easton look up to him. I forgot how smart he is. I forgot how many questions he asks. I forgot how much he loves to watch basketball. I forgot how much he loves to play basketball. I forgot how much he loves his phone, but hates to talk on it. I forgot how sensitive he is. I forgot how neat he is.

Life is good, I didn't forget that!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Everything's A-okay.....

With 7 days left of Quinn's mission and counting I thought I would do a little tribute to him and his service to the people of Vanuatu. Quinn was very excited when he received his call to Fiji. It was not a place ANY of us guessed he would be going. He thought Arizona. I hoped third world--(Quinn needed a little humility). We then realized he would actually be serving his entire mission in Vanuatu. The only time spent in Fiji was the flight in and the flight home.... His call said he would be speaking English. Not true! The people of Vanuatu do not speak English. They speak Bislama.. A combination of English and French. Ne blong mi Elda Baka. Wanum nem blong yu? (My name is Elder Baker. What is yours?) He has learned to adapt. He hated fish and pineapple and coconut. He has eaten and learned to love much fish, coconut and pineapple. He has had companions that did not speak English or Bislama. He has had companions that have not known how to read. He has lived without electricity and running water. He has loved the people and served faithfully. Apparently Quinn has gone with a thumbs up sign to say, "I'm Okay..." and taught the people the same thing. We love you Quinn!!! See you soon!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Caitlynn.....

I've sorta stayed away from Birthday posts this year, except for my own kids....but Caitlynn is just about that and besides I wanted to post this picture. I've known Caitlynn since she was three. I met her and her mom at the dance studio. She was adorable then and always dressed perfectly from head to toe and still is. Those days she was by far the smallest in the class and the least coordinated. It always took some extra help to make sure she knew the moves and stayed on beat and I think her mom did lots of practicing at home. Well those days are gone, Caitlynn is the best dancer I know in any class she is in (but still the smallest). We took this picture at camp this summer. She had on some very stylish HIGH heels and it made her almost my height in flats.... She was so proud. I am so proud of you Caitlynn. I love you!!! Good Luck with all you are doing this year.