Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's hard to say Goodbye.....

Friday finished my career as coach of the Moses Lake Molahiettes. It's very bittersweet! What an unbelievable journey it has been and what a season to end on. This year's season began the day we lost last season. I'm not really a poor sport and it isn't all about winning, but when you feel wronged and that something you deserved was taken away, all I could think about was how I could get it for my girls. It was also the last year for my seniors, a very special group of girls I have been coaching since most of them were 3 and 4. I knew this day was coming, but it doesn't make it any easier.

We took three numbers to state this year. Kick (which I promised I would never do again) but it just had to be done, Dance-the category that has been my goal since I took over as coach and Military (the category which the girls LOVE). We had been to three competitions already this year and Districts. Each time, each one of our numbers had taken first place. WE were undefeated. We talked alot about our strengths and weaknesses and what the judges wanted to see from us. I promised the girls if they would give EVERYTHING they had, they would not be disappointed. And I reminded them, there were no second chances.

Friday came and we headed to the Sundome on a charter bus. Floor time went well and the formations looked good. It was now about waiting. Four of our seniors sang the National Anthem. It was beautiful and a good beginning. Just before the competition started the DJ played, "Tonight's the Night", a song we had been using for the last several weeks to pump us up. I think it was a good omen.

Dance was first and we were 5th in the category of 17 numbers. We knew we had to really impress the judges to get that high score of the day. The girls performed well and I couldn't of asked for more. Danielle choreographed the number a couple of years ago for our elite dancers. I loved the number and so with a few changes we decided to do again for our first time in the dance category. It was completely different than any other number of the day.

Kick was second, but we had a long time to wait. I have loved this number all year long. It is a roller coaster ride. I started to panic and got the girls ready a little earlier than needed but it gave us time to sit and watch for awhile. We were the first kick number on the floor of 6. I thought kick was our best chance. No one has the flexibility of our girls and we had worked so hard on our stamina all year. It paid off and they hit kick beautifully. (Even the last poses....).

Military was our last number and happened to be the LAST number of the day. The anticipation..... It is a very difficult number and I knew we would have to hit all the stunts and tricks to score well. THEY DID!!!

The girls brought home Three State Championships. The first time in Moses Lake History. The first time in the history of the WIAA Dance/Drill State Championships. I was so excited for them and so relieved. I couldn't of asked for more. Thank you for the amazing ride this year. Thank you for the hard work from each member of the team. Thank you for the support of all the parents, and most importantly thanks for the understanding from my family.