Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Congratulations are in order.......

Obviously I am a little behind on my posts and I've got some catching up to do....but we had a couple of significant milestones in the last couple of months for Mackenzie.....she performed in her last dance recital, she graduated from seminary, she graduated from high school and she turned 18. June was a great month of celebration and we are all so proud of her and her many accomplishments. She is the youngest of all her friends so she patiently waits for her birthday each year, we had dinner at Inca and then we had some friends out for some games and cake and she got lots of things to help with her move out.

Her last dance recital was a few days later and her and 6 of her good friends are leaving a very large hole at the studio. They have been amazing performers, great teachers and outstanding examples and their shoes are nearly impossible to fill.... I have been involved with dance for 15 years and had our own studio for 10 years all because I wanted my daughters to have a quality program, and now I will have no daughters at the studio.... It's a very weird feeling.

Seminary graduation came next and of course I think that was one of her most important accomplishments. WE have two great seminary teachers at our high school and Mackenzie loved them both. Our students are lucky enough to have released time and we really do view it as a blessing in the lifes of our children. Mackenzie's testimony grew because of her time in class with Brother Welty and Sister Payne.

And last but not least was high school graduation....it was a VERY HOT day at Lion's field, but a very memorable one. It's an end to a chapter, but a beginning as well. WE are so proud of you Mackenzie. WE look forward with great anticipation to see the next things you will take on and accomplish. Mackenzie is working in the fall to save some money and plans to attend UVU starting winter semester.

And best of all, we were lucky enough to have Grandma Jewkes share in ALL the festivities!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Save the DATE

I have been a little busy as of late and haven't had a change to blog....I'm going to try and be better. I'm going to catch up. But for now I really need to just tell you the best of news.....Quinn is engaged. He has been dating this wonderful, adorable girl named Brittany Allison from Las Vegas. They met in Utah. Jordan dated her sister and him and Brittany were friends. Jordan invited her to a night of bowling with the boys and Quinn was invited as well. They didn't really talk much that night and were not formally introduced. After the evening, Brittany told Jordan that she would like to meet his brother-Quinn, she thought he was cute. And so the story began. They hung out for a week or two every night at Jordan's. Finally Quinn had the guts to ask for her phone number so he could ask her out on a date. I have never seen Quinn more happy. He is talkative and smiley and fun to be around....if you know Quinn, you will know that is not typical behavior for him. Brittany is just perfect. She's kind and sweet and smart and patient and puts up with all Quinn's sacrasm and jokes. We are so excited to have her in the Baker family. They have chosen December 18th as their wedding date in the Las Vegas Temple..... Save the Date!! More information coming...