Saturday, June 6, 2009

Did Jesus Really Live Again?

Did Jesus really live again?
Yes, when the third day came,
He wakened and he left the tomb;
He called Mary's name.

Did Jesus come to those he loved?
Yes, people touched his feet,
And of the fish and honeycomb
He did truly eat.

And there were nail prints in his hands
And a spear wound in his side.
Did Jesus really live again after he died?
Oh yes! and so shall I!

(This post dedicated to one of my drill team girls who just lose someone very close to her....)

This is one of my favorite primary songs. It gives me comfort that Jesus lives again and so will I and all those close to me that have passed on. I know that I will someday see my father again. And that knowledge gives me peace.



I love you Lori! You have the best heart. I remember the day I got to know you a little better and was AMAZED at the "spiritual giant" you are! Guess we all know how that "little" Moses Lake boy went away and came back with his sweetheart. You will always be a friend I will cherish!

Kathy said...

That is such a sweet post, I also know that He Live!!!!! I am so thankful that I will see my loved ones again and be with Him.

the Horton Hurricane said...

I love this great post you are so thoughtful