Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall is for Football......

I love fall. I really love football. And even more than that I love wonderful fall weather for football season. We have had all three. Easton is a freshman this year. After a two year break we have a son back at High School playing sports. (Middle School is just not the same). That makes me happy. Easton has been playing wide receiver. Not the most exciting position on a running offense but he does run alot of plays in. With a little talking from his brother Jordan and myself he has started playing some defense...and realized it is much better than offense. His team has done great. They are 7-1 with two games to go. I took on the project of feeding the freshman team the day before home games. I had some wonderful help from some of Easton's friends moms. I even had my drill team girls perform at their last home game, and we dedicated the performance to Easton.

The drill team girls love performing at the football games. We had five performances. Each year it's fun to see what choreography the captains and lieutenants come up with. I think the captains were pretty nervous for the first performance.

Even they were surprised how well the girls did.

The new uniforms this year looked amazing on the field under the lights.

Congratulations to Shelby Johnson, Kiersten Redal, Kendall Earl and Kendra Moberg---this year's football Individual Achievers.

The drill team has moved on and are working on our competition numbers. This year we plan to compete in kick, military and dance. Two first for me at State. Never before have we entered the dance category and I have never entered a team in kick at state.

Easton has two more football games and then goes straight into basketball season. Jordan made the Freshman 'B' team and QUinn made the Varsity. We have expectations for Easton somewhere in between.


Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

Fun post and as always I love the pictures! I am so excited to watch Easton play basketball and help you with the Drill team. It should be a very amazing Winter is for Busy year!


You look incredible Lori!!! Have you figured out how to reverse time
? Must be JOY!!!

Kathy said...

I love all these pictures! You do a great job with the teams and balancing family. What did you feed that football team?

Tiffany Fackrell said...

PLEASE let me know when your compitions are. Do you have any down in the tri cities? I would love to come to one if at all possible!!

Clark said...


the Horton Hurricane said...

Easton your awesome way to go! and girls good luck and I do love the uniforms! Aunt Lori you are the busiest person I know or at least close to, but you're so good at it