Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's nice to be important, but its more important to be nice....

I had a nice surprise this week. Drill Team try-outs were two weeks ago. It's stressful. Every year you break someones heart who really WANTED to be a part of the team. Every year I get phone calls from parents who are IRATE. I get mean emails, I get called into the Athletic Director's office. I have to explain myself and the decisions I made. This year I got none. I did get a very nice letter in my box to myself and the drill team from a very sweet girl who did not make the team. It read:

"Dear Drill Team and Coach,

I would like to thank Lori Baker and the Captains for helping me out even though I did not make the drill team. I am not going to give up, it just means I need to work harder and thats what I'll do. I would also like to thank the Lieutenants. I was really scared during try outs but they really did a good job helping me and I'd especially like to thank Mackenzie and Mattie who were always there to help me with any question I had. My partner was awesome to and I was very lucky to try out with her. Thanks to Mckayla Earl, Kendall, Earl, Dayna Bergeson, Megan Roylance, Aja Clardy, Amber Sainsbury and Kylie Earl. Everyone was so nice. Good Luck Drill Team. I love you ALL.
(Lori I think you are the best thing the drill team has, you made me feel welcome and you are very good.)


You made our day!!! Thanks for the kind words!


the Horton Hurricane said...

Lori that is so mature wow that is so cool! I hate that you have to get those calls, you are so great at what you do I love you it was so fun to see you. Your dancers are SO GOOD

Cassidy said...

That's awesome!

Ty and Dani said...

Seriously. That girl well go far in life if she can keep that attitude!