Friday, May 29, 2009

Parenting Tip 101

Do bribes work? Oh yes, I've asked myself that many times? Is it okay to bribe your children to get them to do something you would like them to do? I remember the first time I tried bribing. Jordan was 2 and a half and we were at the mall for a family photo. He decided he was not getting his picture taken. Not only would he not smile, he was not going to sit up and look at the camera and better yet, he was NOT stepping his foot in the picture store. Conveniently across the hall from Kiddie Kandids was KB Toy Store. I took Jordan in and promised him ANYTHING in the store if he would just sit up and let us take his picture. My hope was that a bribe would produce immediate results. It did not. Jordan wanted NOTHING in the toy store. We did not get his picture taken that day. But we did continue to try to bribe our children. It worked OCCASIONALLY.

The only time I ever got all my kids (Jordan, Danielle, and Quinn) to bear their testimonies in Sacrament Meeting was the promise of skipping school the next day and a shopping trip to tri-cities. And Jordan earned several toy tractors after giving a decent talk in church one week, that only problem was he told everyone one that at the end of his talk. I'm pretty sure Danielle received $50 the first time she ever did the splits and our kids were all REWARDED with money if they didn't kiss until they were 16. Believe it or not it worked, you have something to live up to EASTON. Let's see Jordan, what will it take to find that 'one and only'?

The kids have learned over the years that making a deal with dad is a much better deal. He gives in easier and gives better prizes. Well congratulations've have just successfully received the best bribe of all our years of parenting. Easton has been working on his Eagle. Jordan (and I) received his Eagle at the age of 17 and a half after making hundreds of fleece hats for orphans. Quinn (and Reid) received his Eagle at the age of 17 and 7/8's after building a wedding trellis for the church.
And Easton (and Uncle Garth and Uncle Hugh) just received his Eagle at the age of 14 after building a shed to place over some electrical equipment at one of the church properties. Enjoy your Dune Buggy Easton!!!!


Ty and Dani said...

it depends on what for... and we all know you will anyways.

Cassidy said...

Nice. I'm coming over!!

Whidget said...

Holy crap! My parents favored the "stick!" My brothers couldn't get their drivers' licenses until they got their eagle. You better believe they both had them at 15. :-)

Congrats Easton, on the bribe and the accomplishment.


the Horton Hurricane said...

you do realize I cant show Mason this right , as bad as I want him to earn that Eagle Scout. Come to think of it I cant show Cory this either.