Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fifty Reasons we love you DAD.

Friday was Reid's Fiftieth Birthday. He is in harvest so he had to get up early and work. We (Kenzie, Easton and I) had two shows of High School Musical to put on. Reid spent the afternoon getting beat at golf by his good friend David. We had some friends and family over for dinner. It was casual and informal....just the way Reid likes thinks. Danielle had all the kids write their Top Ten Reasons they love their dad. I'm just going to share my favorite two from each of them:


1. Optimism: You always look on the bright side of things and are never worried about the bumps that may come in the road, because they are solvable. You can always get where you are going if you have the right attitude and work ethic and you do. Things will always turn out right, and if they don't it was how it was supposed to be so don't worry!!!

2. Humility: Even though you may have everything going for you in the world, you are very humble about it and carry yourself through your day to day talks in a very humble way.


1. I love your work ethic. You know the meaning of hard work and working for others. You have always worked hard for our family, for our ward, for our stake and for anyone who has needed your help.

2. I love your gently ways. I will never forget the endless princess Danielle stories and the songs you would sing to me when you tucked me into bed.


1. Dad Power...No Matter how good or fast or smart we are as kids...Dan can and WILL win!

2. Missionary Minded...Always trying to teach, serve and preach the gospel to others!!!


1. I love when dad whistles. It announces his presence and if I ever have a bad thought or heard a bad song I have dad's little whistle tunes in my head and get it out ASAP.

2. His ginormous hugs. One hug from dad makes me feel SO much better.


1. He is very strong in the church.

2. He is always there when I need him.

And I don't think I could post this without a few of my favorite things:

1. I love how Reid looks on the bright side of things. He can make anything appear fun and enjoyable and that he wants to be there. Matter of fact the worse the job the happier he seems about it.

2. His spirituality. His testimony is very strong and his conscience even stronger. He always desires to do the right thing and he helps me want to be better.

3. His looks. He's tall, dark and handsome. Although we maybe getting old, to me he gets better looking every day.

4. His work ethic. He works hard, He works long. He provides well for me and our family and for that I am very grateful.

Happy 5oth Birthday Reid. May there be MANY more!! and may we spend them together!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I so agree. I remember President Baker when he would come to our house when he was still a teenager. Everyone in our family liked to be with him because he laughed so easily, was happy and always wanted to do something fun.

I'm going to add two more things to your running list that I appreciate about President Baker:

1. President Baker loves everybody--prince or pauper--everybody is of equal importance to him and he lets them know it.

2. President Baker is very generous with his time, talents, means, laughter. He gives and gives and gives to everyone--friend or stranger.

He's a great example to us all. Happy Birthday President Baker.

the Horton Hurricane said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Reid I hope that you will have an excellent harvest, happy 50th

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

I love Dad! and I love the way you post mom. You were made to blog!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Reid.
Thanks for being a great brother. Lots of good memories and I agree with your family. You truly are all those things.
The gift is in the mail. Sorry I missed you on the phone.
Love, Buffy

Kathy said...

He has a great smile. He makes everyone around him feel good.

He exercises his priesthood in righteousness.

Mindy said...

I was thinking the same thing as Kathy. He always has a smile on his face.

Great post Lori!

Jackie said...

I am always so impressed by Uncle Reid. What an amazing man!