Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Yep, it's here....Christmas Eve 2009. Ready or not, it's coming anyways. Yesterday my cards came that I ordered. Today I am hoping for the last 4 packages to come in the I have presents for everyone. The lights are up (thanks to Kenzie and Jordan and Reid). The tree is up (thanks to Reid and the boys) and our baking is done. (Thanks Danielle). And this blog post is my infamous christmas letter. Its been a good year.

January- Reid and I made a trip to Cabo San Lucas with our good friends the Earls. It marked one year as Stake President for Reid and was a much needed vacation. Competition season started for drill team. Quinn moved to Port Villa, Vanuatu and served as Zone Leader and Assistant to the President.

February-Emree Andre was born! Our first grandchild. We went down to Utah for the birth but after a week of waiting Reid headed home and I stayed.

March-State Drill Team-2nd place for the Molahiettes. Started another year of potato planting.

April-Tyler and Danielle graduated from BYU-Provo-and moved to California.

May-Dance America Nationals at Lagoon.

June-Recital, school's out and Easton got his Eagle Scout.

July-Trip to California to see the Andre's.

August-Potato Harvest begins

September-Lori begins her last year as coach of the Molahiettes. Mackenzie begins her senior year and Easton is a freshman. Kenzie's a captain of the Molahiettes and taking classes out at Big Bend Community College. Easton played on the freshman football team with a winning record of 7-3. He grew 6 inches this year and is the tallest of the Baker brother's. Jordan begins his LAST year at Utah Valley University. (His famous statement-'It's not a race mom....") I drove down and spent his 25th birthday with him.

October- Kenzie and I went to New York with my good friends Janet and Peggy and Kenzie's good friends Kylie and Mattie.

November-Tyler, Danielle and Emree move to Moses Lake. Danielle is teaching ALOT of dance and I get to babysit. Tyler is working in a Doctor's office and they decide on a medical school in Denver and will stay until July.
Quinn return's HOME from his 2 year mission and will be headed to BYU Provo in January. Easton begins his high school basketball career with big shoes to fill. He starts on freshman but was moved up to JV this week.

December-Christmas ALL TOGETHER AGAIN!!!! Life is VERY good around here. WE love you and and wish you the VERY best for 2010!


the Horton Hurricane said...

Merry Christmas waht a year it sure goes fast.

Julia said...

Busy year for the Baker's! I love your Christmas picture, you have a beautiful family!

Mike and Aubrey Asay said...

Super cute family pics at the end! You guys look great, and really happy! :)

Korbi said...

I didnt realize that this is your LAST year as coach? what are they gonna do??!? You sure have been awesome with that roll in your and those girl's lives. 6 incehs in one year???? I can only hope that for my little Mr Beck, I fear he may be short like me. bummer deal for him. :) I LOVE that picture of all the girls in pink, awesome idea, mind if I copy it??? let me know....

Heather Williams said...

Yay, Lori I love the blog. Your fam is awesome, really. It was fun to read all about you guys and your adventures of this past year; now I know you all a little better. Happy Holidays.

Heather Williams

Mindy said...

Wow, lots of milestones packed in one year! Congratulations on surviving and doing it well!

Amy said...

Wow you guys have been busy!

Cute family pic!

Cassidy said...

Merry Christmas!!!!