Friday, February 27, 2009

Cops and Robbers

Every year the drill team does a guy/girl number. Each girl asks a partner and we spend one week teaching them a dance. We perform at a boy's and girl's basketball game and a pep assembly. This year's theme was cobs and robbers. It's a lot of fun and the crowd seems to love it. It happened in December and the girl's have been bugging me about the pictures, I got them last night so here they are: (Thanks Cindy!)

Kenzie and Chandler

Breanna and Tyler

Lilly and Ramon

Caitlynn and Billy


Kara and Zach

Nicole and Connor

Ashley and Matt

Sam and Jacob

Mckayla and Zac

Megan and Cole

Kylie and Dylan

Lindsay and Chris

Katelynn and Lewis

Mattie and Dominic

Kendall and Christian

Kiersten and Mitchell

Kendra and Zac



Andrea and Miles

Kayci and Tyler

Karlee and Paul

Dayna and Damien

I may not remember all the boy's names, but I'll never forget their performance.


Ty and Dani said...

I miss guy/girl and don't at the same time. lots of fun memories and lots of work...cute pics! I always love how creative the boys are.

Troy and Cherlyn said...

This looks like fun. I bet those girls had a blast.