Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Easton

Yesterday was Easton's 14th Birthday. Easton is our 'baby!' Where has the time gone? He has been a JOY since the day he was born. He was a pleasant, happy baby that never demanded much attention, but you couldn't resist giving it to him. We have always called him 'the Easter Bunny' and he has loved sweets since he was born. He slept when he was suppose to, he ate when he was suppose to and only cried when he really needed something. He grew up with lots of attention and affection. I think he is most like his father-- mostly easy going unless it includes a score and winning something.

As a little boy he would follow around Jordan and Quinn and try to do whatever they were doing. He loves basketball like they do. He loves football and snowboarding like Jordan. He likes most water sports. He follows in Quinn's footsteps by not particularly wanting to do things unless he's good at it and is fairly shy in a large group of peers or around adults. He's a good student, but sometimes a slight bit lazy turning in his assignments. I talked him into taking dance lessons for all of three weeks. His friends were all in the class and he was spending so much time at the dance studio I thought why not. We decided it was best not to tell his dad, but when his brothers found out they started teasing him and after the third week of class he has not gone back.

A year and a half ago we discovered he had Diabetes. He took the news with a smile on his face and has hardly complained since. Since the day we found out he has given himself 5-7 insulin shots a day and checked his blood that many times or more. He is completely independent and will make someone an amazing husband one day. He cooks a lot of his own meals when I'm gone at dance. He's kind and sensitive and a good friend. He lives the gospel and makes right choices.

We love you Easton. Happy Birthday!!!!


Ty and Dani said...

Not to mention if you marry easton you may get a little boy that is as cute of a baby as he was. Cute pictures and wish we could have been there. I love you Easton and Happy Birthday!

the Horton Hurricane said...

Happy Birthday Easton! We hope you had a great day.

mumovearls said...

Happy birthday!

Lori- So sorry I'm in Mexico right now! I'll call you when i get back!-nena