Saturday, January 24, 2009

'Why I do it?"

For the last 14 years I have been involved in dance. At first I just helped in Danielle's class, and then I helped in others, and many years ago, (too many too count) myself and two very good friends started a dance studio. It has it days and anyone who works with mothers (and fathers) and children know 'You can't please everyone....". I am not in it for the money (obviously) and believe it or not I am not in it for the trophies (although we have won our share).

My husband asks me all the time, "Why do you do it?" I never really have a good answer but it hit me the other night. Our 'Firecracker's' (ages K-2) had their first performance at the basketball game....I do it for the smiles. The smiles on the little girl's faces, the smiles on the faces of the proud parents. To be honest I'm not sure who smiles more, the parents watching or the daughter performing.... But I know now, that's why I do it!

All the Firecrackers 1-4 and their wonderful teachers

The Firecracker 5-6's



You make such a difference in these girls lives. Your example and love changes them and propels them to be more. Thank you from one Mom that couldn't do it alone!

Kacey Nielsen said...

Those costumes on the firecracker 5 & 6 are fantastic!

And be honest Lori... it is mostly about the trophies. :)

Ty and Dani said...

I love those little smiles... especially the ones with missing teeth. I think I do it for the girls that come in and say, " Miss Danielle, you are my favorite." That melts my heart every time... let's face it, I need a lot of praise.

Ashley said...

You mean you don't do it because it's fun?? LOL I guess that ties in with all the smiles from the girls and their parents...dancing is definitely rewarding for girls and I believe it helps them have more self confidence and realize they have a place in this world, because with out showing your talents life can get pretty boring!

Troy and Cherlyn said...

You also seem to love it! Dancing is obviously a huge passion of yours.

the Horton Hurricane said...

I just love this blog entry Lori, I think what you do is so important for those little girls and their families it builds such important memories. I cherrish mine as a child and now with Brooke words cant describe how something as simple as attending recitals and competition has enriched my life.