Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Worst Date Ever

My niece Jackie posted a very funny story about her WORST date ever. This Saturday I am teaching a class at the Laurel's Conference on dating and so I have given the subject a thought or two in the past couple of weeks. I think I would be more helpful if I taught a class on 'What not to do on a date?' and mostly I want to be speaking to the boys---(they need the help). Yes, I am volunteering to speak the the BOYS if anyone is listening, but I thought I would share my WORST date ever.

My junior year in high school a very nerdy nice boy in my English class started calling and asking me out on the weekend. His name was Daman Dorias. He had a LOT of dark hair, a unibrow, and very THICK glasses. He would call every weekend and ask me if I wanted to go on a date. I would politely give him an excuse. I did not hear from him that summer. I was sure I had worn him down. But my senior year started and he ended up in one of my classes again. The phone calls resumed....(We did not have caller ID, call waiting, cell phones or text messages). You were forced to answer the phone. He called again every weekend my senior year and finally about MARCH my dad insisted that I say yes, just once. (What could it hurt....?) I did. He picked me up Saturday morning about 10:00 a.m. I thought to myself PERFECT....I'll be home in time to do something with my friends (or watch Love Boat). He was very polite and said he had a great day planned---(DAY?) We went up the canyon and went on a hike, then he had a picnic prepared. We came down the canyon and went to play some minature golf, then on to the bowling alley, then dinner and a movie.... Apparently he had been saving all the ideas of a perfect day and lumped them together thinking that if she enjoys an hour or two or me with me, she's gonna love TWELVE hours. Thankfully he made lots of boring small talk and had enough money to pay for the activities. He did open the doors for me and walk me to the door. There was no good night kiss attempt so that was a blessing.... But we had nothing in common and I have to say that TWELVE hours felt like a year of dates.
Is that what he had in mind?



I LOVE YOUR POST! Oh, my did it bring back a few memories. I will have to blog one of mine. How fun to remember...maybe I don't want to date again Lori, has Nicole been talking to you?!? TOO FUNNY!!! Love Ya...Sharon!

Kathy said...

ummm. I wonder what my worst date was, but I am sure it didn't last 12 hours. I do remember telling one guy to takee me home about ten minutes into the date, because he tried something he shouldn't. He was so mad, but I didn't care! It was a double date and he said what are so and so going to say and I told him I didn't care! Take me home!!!! He was mad and I didn't care! I still sound bothered, don't I?

lysh said...

I think the longer you wait to get married the more horrible dating stories you have. Most blind dates are the worst.

Jackie said...

HE HE! This is awful! What a long long nightmare.

Did you come home and think, "I'm never going on another date again."

I did.

I posted some more for you :)

Ty and Dani said...

I love this post and thought I would add my own worst date story to the blogging world, but out of fear that people know the person or could guess I will refrain lol. Keep the funny posts coming!

Mindy said...

Great post!!!! So, did he ever ask you out again?

Jackie said...

Are you watching Idol tonight? Of course you are.

David Osmond just auditioned, it made me think of you!