Sunday, October 19, 2008

News from Tanna

Letter's from Elder Baker are few and far between and emails even more rare, pictures almost NEVER but this week we got all three. Quinn is serving on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu and has been there about 3 months. His companion is native to another small island and speaks Bislamic. Quinn learned Bislamic on his last island, but the people of Tanna do not speak it and they do not speak English....'so the adventure begins'. Quinn and his companion use a translator to speak and teach the people and one in church as well. The island of Tanna is best know for their active volcano, Mt. Yasur.

Quinn got a Vanutua driver's license recently after much discussion with several people, and asserting his authority(which is a lesson Quinn has learned from the mission) and they have a truck that gets them nicely around the island. Here is Quinn's companion filling it with gas. (No gas pumps on the island....)

In his latest letter Quinn shared several interesting stories. He woke one morning with severe back pain, he stretched and tried to pop it. He had his companion walk on it....but nothing helped and the pain got worse. There is a Canadian Doctor on the island and his family that are members of the church and Quinn went there for help. He gave him a pain killer but he threw it up immediately. He then gave him a shot of morphine and kept him there all day until the kidney stone passed. Quinn likened the pain to childbirth. I have had both....and I agree. He has been sick recently, spent quite a bit of time in their house and has lost some weight, but was especially grateful for the doctor and his family this time.

He also received a package we had sent with a 3rd camera....(the first one broke, the second was stolen). He said the food they ate in less than 24 hours and he was excited about using the camera. After coming back from the doctor's house they noticed that a window had been broke in their apartment and his camera was gone. He was more than a little upset and said he worked several hours to get over the anger and disappointment. He went to brush his teeth and go to bed, and his toothpaste and toothbrush were gone, angry again he went to bed. He got up the next morning ready to forgive and forget no razor, or extra blades....both gone. Morning study, oh don't worry no pens. And when leaving for the day, getting some money to replace all his stolen GONE! Companion had nothing missing at all...But in the email we received Quinn said his camera and memory card were back a few days later. He loved his package from Ryan Carpenter!! and wishes everyone would write MORE!! or EVER!!!

Quinn had the opportunity to baptize John Royal, who he lovingly calls Denzel Washington. John has received the missionary discussions SEVERAL times and been through many sets of missionaries. But finally made the choice to be baptized. Quinn is wearing a SULU (lavalava) for the baptism. Quinn said he left that day with the biggest smile on his face. He could see the difference in John immediately. Kidney stone, all my stuff stolen and a baptism. What a weekend! Last Sunday they had 16 investigators in church. I would say the work is going well in Tanna.

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