Monday, October 6, 2008

Words of Wisdom

General Conference is my favorite weekend two times a year. Who wouldn't like waking up late, staying in your pj's and watching church together as a family in front of the tv with a warm blanket and some delicious snacks? I feel so inspired and love the words of wisdom our great church leaders share with us everytime. They announced 5 new temples in Calgary, Canada, Cordoba, Argentina, greater Kansas City, Philadelphia, and Rome, Italy. There are 128 operating temples and another 17 in some phase of planning or construction bringing the total to 145. It seems like just yesterday went President Hinckley made a goal to have 100 temples.

This conference seemed to leave a message of 'hope' for all saints in these hard economic times. President Monson's words were so hopeful as he talked about change and that nothing is as constant as change. Yet he encouraged us to act now and do what we know is right. "Day by day, minute by minute we go from where we were to where we are now...This is our one and only chance at mortal life. Opportunities come and then they are gone." Am I making the most of it? There is no tomorrow to remember, if we don't do something today. Elder Oaks reminded us that 'if we are prepared we shall not fear'. There is no trial or pain so great that the Atonement of Christ cannot heal.

I loved all the talks, but a couple of my favorites were M. Russell Ballard as he talked about missionary work. This year marked the millionth missionary to go out in the church in our dispensation. Quinn is one of those 1,000,000 that has served in God's army as he faithfully teaches in Tanna, Vanuatu. Even though it is hard times, Elder Ballard reminded us that 'this is God's great work and God's work will not be frustrated.' I loved Sister Dalton's talk as she reminded the youth to 'return to virtue'. I am so proud of my daughter Mackenzie and all her friends. They are virtuous, lovely, strong young woman who are quietly living their standards. They stand for righteousness and are beautiful on the inside and out.


Jackie said...

I loved how President Monson reminded us to live in the moment, even if we have fingerprints on ALL our clean surfaces. I always do, but they are SO sweet!

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Just found your blog. So fun to read!

Kacey Nielsen said...

Just found the blog as well! Totally love General Conference, thanks for the recap!

Travis and Courtney said...

Hi Aunt Lori! Okay so how fun is this to be able to communicate through this wonderful blogging world. =) Your blog is so cute! I have to say... I am very impressed! So how are things at the Baker residence? I haven't gotten a chance yet to thank you for letting Trav and the boys stay at your house while they were on their "guys trip". Trav loved getting to see your house and where you guys live. He LOVES Seattle and had a great time at your place. When I'd talk to him on the phone all he could tell me was how much he loves Seattle. It was hilarious....I think he was trying to convince me to want to live there someday =) haha that would be fun to live closer to you guys though! I guess we'll just see where life takes us! I hope all is well with the busy Baker's! And I hope to see you guys soon! It's be so much fun to see your pregnant daughter every now and again! YOUR'RE GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!!!!!!!! YEAH!!! We're so excited for Dani and Ty and Grandma and Grandpa =)Anyway, I'm excited to keep in touch through our blogs...=) Thanks for saying hi! Love you guys!!!!