Thursday, November 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home....almost!

I'm in St. Louis, Missouri right now with the fam--(Reid, Jordan, Kenzie and Easton). We are on a family vacation touring the church history sites. We have not taken many family vacations over the years.....when your husbands a farmer you tend to be home in the spring and summer, and when your boys play football and basketball you are stuck at home in the fall and winter. But this year we just decided we had to do it.

Easton is missing the first week of basketball practice. Kenzie is missing a whole week of college and an important dance workshop and Kenzie and I are missing a whole week of drill team. It was a hard decision to make. Easton will probably not play the first game or two and may not be a starter to begin the season. Kenzie will have lots to make up from school and dance and will have to sit out a performance because those are the rules.

But it's been a wonderful experience and life changing. As soon as I get home I will post pictures and tell about the vacation...but I can say we have visited 7 states in 8 days, and stayed in 6 different hotel rooms. We have 5 long legged individuals in a 'luxury' rental car designed for 4. (We have affectionately named our car Uncle Boyd---story later). We are sleeping 5 on 2 beds made for 4 and we our sharing one tv with ONE remote. We are your typical family these days with 4 cell phones, 2 laptops, 2 ipods, little homework and two vampire books, and one set of scriptures (I wonder who remembered those?) We don't sing well enough in the car to play encore and its impossible to agree on a radio station so we often sit in silence. But I can still say I've loved every minute of it. I love watching the kids interact with each other and I've loved watching their testimonies grow of the Prophet Joseph Smith. No ones complaining, and we wouldn't trade this experience for anything.....we've seen way to much hardship that these people endured and knows our is a drop in a bucket. But we will be grateful to return home. I know I miss my car, my bed, my pillow, my blowdryer, my shower, my washing machine and even my kitchen. The kids miss their friends and my space and facebook and practices and even school. Ours truly is a "Home Sweet Home."



My trip with Paul & Katrina and Garth to the church historical sites changed my life. Didn't think it would. The spirit was so strong and I felt more deeply than ever that the prophet Joseph Smith indeed translated the Book of Mormon and my testimony of that Book grew also. I am going to try and take Nicole next year.

Whidget said...

We are really bummed you couldn't make it out to Hershey--the sweetest place on Earth. We have two couches, two futons, and a single bed that are totally empty with TWO TVs... and lots of other amenities... *sigh*

See you at Thanksgiving, though. And I am bringing my sister...

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