Sunday, November 30, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I loved Thanksgiving Weekend....

The weekend is almost over and the kids are gone. I have so much to be thankful for and we had so much fun, these are my top ten reasons I loved Thanksgiving weekend:

10. Naps

I just woke up from a LONG Sunday nap. The house is a mess, the fridge is empty, but it was a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I love having the kids here and I loved my nap.

9. Favorite Hymn

Today in church Christie Ivory sang my favorite hymn, 'I Stand All Amazed'. I love that hymn and Christie has a beautiful voice. I sang that song the Sunday after I got baptized as my very first solo. Mackenzie and her friends sang that hymn at Quinn's farewell. The words are inspiring and daily 'I am Amazed' at the love my Savior offers me.

8. Games

I love playing games, (I hate losing). Our family is not big on games, but on holidays we can talk most of them into playing a game or two. I've noticed as I get older my responses are slower and my eyesight is worse and I have a hard time beating my kids in ANY game, but if I get on the right team I do okay. (Thanks Peggy and Jordan!)

7. Basketball

Saturday night was the Big Bend Alumni game and once again the whole family was together again to cheer on one of the boy's at a basketball game. It was DeJa Vu for sure with some of the same players and the same poor refereeing. One of the best parts of being a mom is watching your kids do something they LOVE and Jordan loves basketball.

Jordan and Grandma after the ball game

6. No school

I love when the kids have no school. It means sleeping in, staying up late and no making lunches. It also means no dance, no drill team....(or not as much....).

5. Going to the movies

We all went to the movie 'Australia'. I definetly give it a 'two thumbs up'. We took my mom who is 80 and Easton who is 13 and we all enjoyed it. It's a little too long, they try to tell too many subplots, but its clean and exciting with a love story and a happy ending. Can you ask for more?

4. Passport

Friday I finally applied for my passport. I've been meaning to do it since Quinn left on his mission with the hope that I will get to go pick him up in Fiji November 2009. Now I'm one step closer to that.

3. Baby Shower

Peggy, Janet and Susan threw Danielle a baby shower this weekend. I know its a busy time but it was wonderful and so many friends came and gave her such beautiful, thoughtful gifts. She is truly lucky to have all those people in her life. Thanks to everyone that came and participated in this fun time in Danielle's life.

Danielle and friends

We played games

We opened presents

2. Heritage

What a great heritage Reid and I have. My mom has been here for the Thanksgiving holiday and Reid's parents are here. They are valiant members of the church that are enduring to the end. I'm grateful for their example and love and enjoyed having them around.

Four Generations-Thurn Baker, Hugh Baker, Whitney Baker and Eli Baker

Four Generations-Thurn Baker, Hugh Baker, Ivin Baker, Ivy and Rebekah Baker

Four Generations-Thurn Baker, Leon Baker, James Baker and Jenna Baker

Grandpa and Grandma Baker

Danielle and Grandma Jewkes

1. Family
Thanksgiving really isn't about the food or the games or the movies or the naps. It's about family and I was so grateful to have Jordan, Tyler, Danielle, Kenzie, Easton and Reid plus my mother here. That's what makes it a perfect holiday....It was our first with Tyler. I got to see Danielle's cute 'pregnant belly' and I got to feel her little girl kick. I got to enjoy them, and play games with them and feed them and talk with them and hug them. I can't wait for Christmas.....

Danielle and her 'belly'

Tyler-(you'll have to ask him to explain....)

Jordan, Kenzie and Easton at Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner at Hugh and Lila's



I have a gift for Danielle...I couldn't break away from a houseful of 27 PEOPLE...15 who call me Grandma! I hear it was wonderful. I ditto everything you said about Thanksgiving. I am posting a photo of all those grandkids on my blog. I stand all amazed that they are ALL MINE!!! (and Paul's of course)

Ty and Dani said...

I love your post of our weekend and it was fun to see all the pictures. I am so lucky to have such an amazing mom (and soon to be grandma). If I wasn't so crazy busy doing all my homework I would be posting too. Except I would be using all the same pics. haha :)

Ty and Dani said...

Oh don't you pretend like you got all the luck when you were on Jordan's team. I believe Danielle and I killed you and Jord at 500. haha.

But don't worry, I'd rather loose to you in Moses Lake any day than have to work and go to school in Provo :)

mumovearls said...

Oh how fun! Danielle's belly? You can barely see your pregnant in those pictures... that is so not fair! It was so good to see you guys at the shower!-n

Tyson Pyle said...

James Baker is the sexiest man I've ever laid eyes on.

kelly said...

So do you need a passport to come to Washington?
THIS Jewkes family really needs to find a way to crash in your living room some time... yep I think that was a self-invite!
Any hope on a Utah run for the Bakers before Christmas?
Love you all-