Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving traditions and memories....

Reid and I Thanksgiving 1985 (nice teeth Reid)

Dad and I Thanksgiving 1993

Grandpa and Grandma Jewkes and grandkids Thanksgiving 1990
Quinn sitting on Grandpa's lap sucking his thumb (too cute!)

Chris and Kenzie (Indian and Pilgrim) Thanksgiving 1993
I guess Chris wanted to be the Pilgrim

Dad and I Thanksgiving 1990

It's that day, the day before the day. I love Thanksgiving EVE.... So much anticipation in the air. Christmas music is playing. The house is clean (as clean as its going to get). The shopping is done ( I've only made two small trips today after thinking the shopping was done yesterday). The cooking has begun. The turkey's thawing. The dough is rising, I've started the pies. The fudge and carmel corn is next. The potatoes, the gravy, the stuffing will all wait till tomorrow morning. I've never been a great cook but my Aunt Geri taught me how to make pies, Buffy taught me how to make her fudge and I learned how to make rolls in Relief Society. I cook the turkey, the stuffing and the gravy just like my folks did. The kids are coming. Jordan, Tyler and Danielle will be driving all night, when classes are finished and work is completed. Danielle has not been home for Thanksgiving for two years. Two years ago Tyler asked her to marry him as she met and spent time with his family at Thanksgiving. Last year they were with Tyler's family too. I am thankful to have my mother this year as well. We will miss Quinn, but thankful to have him serving a mission and know he will be home next year. Tomorrow we will have the feast. Our thanksgiving traditions are simple. WE eat, we sleep, we eat some more. The men watch football. The women watch 'White Christmas'. Often we all go to the Theatre. (Anyone remember King Kong several years back?) It's a time for family and reflection and thankfulness.


Ty and Dani said...

King Kong was the worst! I can't wait to be there! I love Thanksgiving and mostly I love my family...White Christmas (minus the choreography number that we will fast forward) here we come!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I LOVE White Christmas!! I am going to have to get my own copy sometime soon! Have a happy thanksgiving!

Peggy Dee said...

Cute pictures. What fun memories. I think I'll prioritize too. I want to have more fun. I think I'll start by having Thanksgiving at someone else's house. Is it too late for that?

Kathy said...

You look so young in that first picture , I want to go through and find some of Glenn and I, only I don't think we ever looked so young! Happy Thanks giving!