Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I should have never started.....

When I first started my blog I gave a 'shout out' to one of my drill team girls whose birthday it was....well if I am anything, I am FAIR and so I need to say 'Happy Birthday' to two more of my girls. Happy Birthday to Megan Roylance who has a birthday today, and Lindsay Reis who has a birthday tomorrow. (SORRY Lindsay we have TWO practice on your birthday, but I am pretty sure there is nowhere else you would rather be, but at practice with ME).

Megan is a freshman and very petite. I use to always tease her that she was going to have to grow taller or she didn't have a chance to make the team. But Megan is a GIANT in talent. She has a ton of natural abitlity and pretty much can do anything you ask her to do, and MORE. She also is an extremely hard worker. I love you Megan.

Lindsay is a senior. If Lindsay and I were closer to the same age, I'm pretty sure we would be best friends....(wait, we are-right?)
Lindsay is beautiful, smart, funny, and CRAZY. I would kill for her skin. I can always count on Lindsay to make me laugh and I love that about her. She's dependable and reliable and does a great job. Happy Birthday Lindsay!

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Ty and Dani said...

Happy Birthday girls!!