Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blast from the past....

I've been trying to get my christmas cards out....we took a picture in the Sacred Grove on our family trip. I sent them to Costco to print a card. A kind dance mom picked them up for me. Another friend picked up envelopes (forgot them the first time around...) I usually send a very informative, interesting letter about my family and the wonderful things my kids have been accomplishing although not too prideful or braggy (haha). Last year a picture got letter. It didn't mean we didn't have any news to share, it only meant we were too busy to compose it in to a meaningful short summary of how wonderful our year was. It's looking the same this year. I will soon be posting our christmas picture and a few short notes of our year and also Quinn's christmas picture with his own thoughts he wanted me to send out. But for today I have enjoyed walking down memory lane and seeing my kids grow before my eyes. Here our a few of our christmas pictures from the past.

Christmas 1988 (Proof that Quinn was not adopted at the age of 3...inside family joke)

Christmas 1989 (Our first year in Moses Lake)

Christmas 1992

Christmas 1995

Christmas 1998

Christmas 2006


Ty and Dani said...

Referring to the first picture... Ty says " You know, anything is possible with photo shop. Looking at the last picture, for all we know Quinn is actually older than Jordan. What a man child. Oh I miss that guy."

lol... I love looking at the old pictures...Easton was such a cute little kid and I am not photogenic at all!


Danielle...what do you mean you are not photogenic...YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY PICTURE I HAVE EVER SEEN OF YOU...EVEN THE PREGO ONES!!!