Thursday, December 11, 2008

Molahiette Memories

First two pictures were taken in 1970, the very first year for the Molahiettes. Sharon Mckonkie sent these. The last picture is her daughter Tamara in 1994. I still have 53 of those costumes in my storage closet and they wore them the year before I took over as coach.
Thanks Sharon for sharing---keep the pictures coming.

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Myca said...

Ahh I don't have a scanner to send any of my old dance pictures! I do have to point out though that Kristen and I were to first captains to change the costumes from those ugly skater costumes and the first to convince our coach to change it up and let us go to Nationals. Along with other things...the notorious march more of that! Anyway Seems as though coaches in the past were just a little against change...thus the 80's costumes. The girls are lucky to have you...I would have loved you as a coach!