Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'll be home for christmas, if only in my dreams...

Christmas 1990

My Dad's been gone 12 Christmas', and I still miss him so much. Mom and him always dressed in red and green, now just mom. It's pretty adorable and just makes the holiday. If its a BYU game, she's in Cougar Blue...and if it's christmas, she's in red and green.

Cousins on Christmas Eve 1993

Angels in the Nativity Pageant 1990 that facial hair? I spent all day begging Jordan to shave. Like father like son.

Christmas Eve 1988 at Grandpa and Grandma Jewkes

It's Christmas Eve day and I'm thinking of years past. We are missing Quinn (2nd year in Fiji) and Danielle (1st year with Andre's). We have lots of snow and I've spent the last two days baking. The kids are out on on deliveries and every once in a while there is a knock on the door with a delivery for us. (Still expecting one more present for kenzie...). The family will be here tonight for the Baker tradition of Clam Chowder and reenacting the Nativity. (No one really knows why we have clam chowder, but Ardath used to make it for Christmas Eve and so the christmas tradition goes....) We will have rolls and stuffed mushrooms and cheese ball and lots of treats. Tonight we have invited the missionaries hoping that in Tanna someone is feeding Quinn. Tomorrow we will get to talk to him, but it will be after Christmas for him, so we made a quick call today at noon (7:00 a.m. Tanna time) to sing 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas", I think we surprised him. It's hard to be away from the ones you love at Christmas so I just wanted Danielle (Tyler) and Quinn to know you are with us in spirit. We will be thinking of you and you will be in every prayer. Enjoy your Christmas and know that you are loved.

Matching CLOTHES----Us moms do it, because we CAN!

Do they get any cuter than this?


Ty and Dani said...

It is always so fun to look at the old pictures and know that I will get to be with you next year. Kenzie better represent me as an angel in the nativity pageant. I guess I am forever off the hook as I give an addition to the program. Eat some mushrooms for me and don't eat any clam chowder. Sorry if I keep calling and talking to you. I miss you guys and Thanks for making my day by posting so many beautiful pics lol.

Kathy said...

Lori, I love looking at your "old" family photos. it makes me want to dig ours out and post "when we were young". Merry Chritsmas to you and your family!

Jess said...

What cute pictures! I love your Mom sports her color schemes :)