Sunday, December 7, 2008

Three Wishes

I just wanted to wish three of my beautiful, talented Molahiettes "Happy Birthday".

Kyla--It's Kylla's first year on Molahiettes. She is new to Moses Lake and she is such a sweet hard-working girl. We're so glad you moved here Kylla. She always has a smile on her face, she's very dependable and I am glad to have gotten to know her and her family. She has learned so much already this year. She is very teachable, she listens and takes corrections. She is very flexible and a very talented tumbler. It's been so fun to watch her becoming a great performer and see her confidence increase.

Whitney--Whitney is a senior this year. She has really grown and matured over the years and its been fun to participate in and watch those changes. We will all miss her next year. She is a hard worker, she is a good student, she is very reliable and EXTREMELY sweet and thoughtful. Whitney is a friend to everyone and very kind and patient. She is bubbly and does such a great job performing. You can just tell she is having fun out there.

Kylie--Kylie is one of my co-captains. I have known Kylie since she was born. I have been involved with teaching and coaching her since she was 3. She has been fun to watch. She is bubbly and beautiful and extremely talented. She is outgoing and TALKS alot...(but usually she is talking to my daughter). She has great leadership skills and a memory like an elephant. If noone can remember we just ask Kylie---because she always does.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I am a very lucky coach to know all these girls and get to work with them almost daily. They are oustanding indiviuals and its fun to see them reach their potential. This weekend they did a great job. We performed Friday and Saturday night. Congratulations to Nicole Erhardt and Kara Smith--this week's "Individual Achievers".

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