Friday, December 12, 2008

More Molahiettes

2005 State Champions in Kick
Stephanie and Danielle

Stephanie Moberg Moore sent these pictures from her senior year -2006. She was the captain my first year as coach along with my daughter Danielle. She was awesome, supportive, hardworking and very talented. These are some actions shot at state and there was a lot of action that year.

Stephanie and Danielle made up a fun hip hop number to 'Tricky' that we took to camp. Quite a few of the girls didn't want to do it and really were hesitant to change our style. I ordered sweatshirts that were $20 and put DRILL TEAM in bold letters on the front of the sweatshirts reminding the girls that we were a drill team. The girls paid $10 for the sweatshirts and the team paid $10. I had two parents call and complain that I was spending money frivolously. But everywhere the girls performed the number people loved it and even the one's that didn't want to do it in the beginning got behind it. We took it to Nationals and came in 13th against 28 teams. Not the usual first place that the team was used to, but I thought they did great. WE beat 15 teams and the top 13 teams were all within 3 points.

I changed up the costume for State the week before. WE bought new brightly colored sweatshirts, we got matching socks. Mrs. Hofstetter sewed on ribbon for two days and nights and I glued on rhinestones ALL night, the night before State. Dana Johnson was sick with the flu and practically begged me to not let her go on. I felt horrible doing it but I told her we needed her and I thought she could get through two minutes. She did beautifully and threw up as she came off the floor. They performed well and were so proud that most of them wore those sweatshirts the rest of the day and loved having people stop and tell them that number was their favorite. The girls won STATE in hip hop, as well as drill, and got 2nd place in pom. What a lot of fun.

Please keep your pictures coming. Send a picture if you were on the Molahiettes or your high school drill team or cheerleader and the year... Everyone of my nieces on my side of the family OWE me a picture, and Michelle Haddican your picture better be coming soon.

Black and White

Listen to your heart


Korbi said...

Hey! we want to see some video!!! Looks great... :)

Ty and Dani said...

I totally forgot about how sick Dana was... that was so sad. State that year was such a dream!