Sunday, December 28, 2008

Good Friends + Good Food = Good Day

Lots of snow meant it was time for sledding....we tried pulling tubes behind the truck and tractor---scary! We tried hiking up the sand dunes---exhausting! So our good friends The Lawsons came to the rescue with their snowmobiles. We celebrated Vicki's '29th' birthday with some good food and a fun game of bowling after....

Caitlynn and Kenzie

Caleb (aka Spiderman)

Caitlynn, Jordan and Kenzie


Reid and I
Billy brought the hat back from Russia-MINK!

Me in Quinn's LeBron coat-a good fit right?

Vicki with Caitlynn and Kenzie
Just for the record---I beat Mackenzie and Vickie beat Caitlynn. Feels good at our age.

Kenzie's score wasn't too high---but she definetly had the most creative form....

The whole group!

Thanks for a fun time Lawsons....and Thanks for the friendship!

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